Street Photograph

Photograph has many kinds of photos such as wedding photograph, anniversary photograph or family photograph. Street photograph is also a kind of shooting moments. A lot of photographers follow street style because it expresses people’s face expression and behavior clearly. Street photographers can shoot moments everywhere and every time when they catch a good moment in front of their eyes. People can express their natural side in front of camera, not like in other styles of shooting. If people want to see more street photograph, they can feel through fashion week show because a lot of fashionistas choose fashion show which is the road for them to dress many customs beautifully. Also there are a lot of street photographers ready to shoot models and fashionistas on the way to fashion show. However, street photographers also take a shoot in daily life with people just on the street. When they drink coffee or talk with friends, that moment is also taken naturally, not forces people in the shoot. When group of people talk together, photographers can catch the natural moments of them through the way they talk or the way they play around. Therefore, street photograph attracts a lot of photographers to follow because they can catch the moments they want from the people.


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