My feeling about Art110-16

This is the first time I have learned an interesting class. I can meet other classmates who I have never met them from our campus. This class is really fun for me because this is also the first time I have done many kinds of art like plaster casting or fiber art wall hanging. It is really excited about doing things just through weeks from the beginning to the end of class. First time, I am quite crestfallen with slack because I just use for this class and never hear about it. Just after a few weeks, I can adapt new feature and think it is not difficult to use and also very comfortable to communicate with my classmate. It is also available on app of smart phone, it is very convenient for students to use when they do not have laptops by themselves. It is really fast and saves time for students to communicate with each other or with professor too. Furthermore, these activities for this online class are also exciting for students because each week we can know a new artist that we have not known before like Guy Tang or Mahsa Soroudi. They show us a lot of valuable lesson on how to know “what is art”. It can come from natural things or available things around us. Art talk is also useful because we have more information about the periods of art from long time ago. We can discuss with each other in slack and share what we find on the Internet. It likes a small discussion for every week and we complete very well. I also have more knowledge through discussion on slack. About art activities, we can create what we want to share through personal blog for each week. These are a lot of interesting topics that I like such as Instagram, Sketching in the garden and Street photography. Instagram is a common app for people using now. This is the place for people uploading their own photos from what they want to share and using hashtag to connect to many people around the world. It is very easy to use and fast because with just a lot of step people can post their photos. Sketching in the garden is quite interesting for me because I spent my time on drawing landscape that I have never done before. I like photograph, so this is the reason why I like “street photography” topic. I can shoot many moments when it is interesting. However, it still has some topic that I do not interest in like Landscape with a Corpse, Fiber Art Wall Hanging and Plaster Casting. It is quite weird when taking a photo of corpse. I think it is quite far from reality although it is quite interesting for people to try it. I do not have any idea on fiber art wall hanging, so I just take available thing from my apartment to do it. About plaster casting, this is the second week of this class. I do not join in this activity because this week I am not good to do it. Generally, I like our class because thanks to our class, I have more knowledge about “art” and have more friends and my lovely professor. Everything is my best memory in summer.


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