Artist of the Week – Mahsa Soroudi

Mahsa Soroudi is an Iranian artist. This is the first time I have heard about her. Through my professor’s video clip, I know more about her and am impressed her a lot with her project with plants. She leaves her original country, Iran to America. I see her life relate to root of life. I really this image because I agree with her that people’s life is the same as plants’ life. This is the cycle life: born, grow up, develop, change and die. People also have the same cycle. People were born, grew up, changed their appearance and then passed away. However, people also do not forget their origin because the place they were born is forever their homeland although people move to other places. In addition, Soroudi also describes her life with tiny and unimportant things around her. Soroudi moved from Iran to America to live in the new life because although Iran is a developing country, America opens more opportunities for people to follow their passion. She also needs to spend amount of time to adapt new life because she is also missing her home like other people. I am really impressed by Soroudi’s life and her projects about plants. Her story also helps me to think deeply about my life. I need to be patient like taking care of plants. Plants need time to improve as if people also need time to improve themselves.


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