Fiber Art Wall Hanging

This week’s topic is quite interesting for me to do because it is a thing that people do simply and hang on the wall. I live in an apartment with my friend, but my friend wants to have a curtain to prevent the smoke from the kitchen into the room, so she buys curtain to cover it. Firstly, we apply the hook on two sides of the wall and use the bar to become a cradle to put the curtain on. It is very simple for everybody to do it. People do not need to use nail or drill to make it stable on the wall. It will make the wall look bad and be noisy when they use material. Because we use the hook, we do not need to worry that when we want to do laundry the curtain, we just remove the bar and take the curtain to the laundry room. Or when we do not want to use the curtain, we just remove everything and do not leave the trace on the wall like using the nail and drill. It is very comfortable and simple to do it.


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