Artist of the Week – Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is a blogger and also an artist. She has her own blog page about her life and art. She also has a lot of artworks and focuses on 3D design. I search her information and realize that she draws 3D characters for every topics. Like when you play games or watch movie about fantasy, you will see the character as same as her drawing. Or I can call her as 3D artist. It is not real people, but she makes the characters the same as real people. People can be impressed by her talent because it is really unique for people to know a new aspect of art. When people watch “Avatar”, they are impressed by these characters in this movie. People will feel that they live in virtual life in front of their eyes when they see Blaylock’s blog. She also creates her virtual avatar of herself. It is really interesting for me to know more about one artist taking a different kind of art like Vanessa Blaylock.

The portray of Vanessa Blaylock

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