Art Care Package

Today is a lovely topic because it is about a present given to friends or relative or classmate who have close relationship with me. In the first time, I do not understand what topic wants to say to us. However, I think I do draw something that relates to art and the topic today. This is also the first time I have drawn person who is close to me. One day, I took her back because I saw it have a good feeling for me. I think it is not beautiful, but it makes my friend happy when she sees my sketch. I draw my friend who comes from Korea. She is very close to me and we know each other during the school year. It is quite shy when I draw her because I am not really good at drawing, but I still draw because she will come back to Korea in the end of this year. So I draw her as if this is a present for her. I also use postcard as back ground of my sketch about my friend. I hope we can meet each other someday in Korea.


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