Cuisine, Couture, or Coiffure

This week’s topic is really interesting for me because we can create new things from available material around us. Some people are really excited about creating new hair style or dye colorful hair like Guy Tang, some like making new dishes with a lot of food or others like using old clothes to create new style the same as recycling clothes. My friend and I made churros together, but my friend is the main person making it. Firstly, we boil water and butter together in the pot. Then, we add flour in the mixture butter-water and stir until it sticks quite strong, and few more second put the pure vanilla and brown sugar into the mixture. After that, we beat three eggs in the mixture and stir well the mixture until it sticks more well. During stirring the mixture, we also need to remove oil from department powder. Next step, we put the powder into the material to make shape that churros has that shape. Using pan with oil is to fry the powder with the length we want. We wait until the churros to have beautiful color of frying and then take it out of pan. Finally, we roll the churros with brown sugar and use with chocolate. So, we have done with churros. It is so good when we eat along with friends in my apartment.


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