Artist of the Week – Guy Tang and Kat Von D

Guy Tang is a hair artist in West Hollywood. He is famous for dyed hair with mixture colors. I see his Instagram and watch his video clip in Youtube. It is so amazing because he can create a lot of colors for hair, but their hairs look so natural and smooth. It makes people hair more special. I think rainbow hair is so unique because it has a lot of colors and is quite difficult to create. I also saw a person who has rainbow hair. It is so beautiful and makes her more special among people around her. He also teaches people how to make hair healthily and create color though his own video clip on Youtube. He teaches people choose the material not to damage their hair with color. On the other hand, Kat Von D is a tattoo artist. She is also known as model, television personality, musician and entrepreneur. However, she is famous for tattoo. She creates a lot of unique and beautiful tattoo on people’s body. It looks the same as real when people want to have tattoo. She also has her own Instagram with attractive tattoo. Tattoo is also an art, not just understand in the negative way. Some people discriminate tattoo because for them, people with tattoo look like criminal or murderer. Nonetheless, some people use tattoo to save their memory or their image of family like mom or dad. They want to inscribe their valuable treasure on their body because it is quite hard to remove it, not the same as paper. When people draw on the paper, they can use eraser to remove it, but for tattoo, when people want to remove, they will suffer the pain from their body, so they will respect and think carefully what they want to tattoo.



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