Street photography

Street photography is not a strange topic for people because they can take photos easily on the street. They shoot randomly because the best moment is always natural. I also really like to take street photos because it makes me have a good feeling for my photos. In addition. people will be natural in the shoot. They can express their face or emotion naturally, not follow the basic rule or instruction. Sometime, when people take a shoot on the street, the main character is quite surprised, but they will like this photo because it express their best moment. I took these photos last night when I and my friends hung out to Disney downtown. We went there to play and talk to each other. It was so crowded because they went there to go to Disneyland or play Pokemon Go, the hot trend among young people. I saw a lot of moments that people focus co much on how to catch Pokemon. In addition, they also dressed so well because it was also the time to meet their friends after hard-working day. They were a group of people; some group talked very excitedly, while others were very enjoyable to play Pokemon and gossip with friends who also played along with them. The atmosphere was pretty good because they had same feeling that is relaxed.


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