Visit an Art Museum

I do not often visit museum. When I was in secondary school, my class sometimes opened extracurricular trips to museum for study such as history class or painting class. However, last Wednesday, I went to Museum of Latin American Museum for my class. It was so nice for people to visit. I was impressed by their painting from artists around the world. The founder of this museum is Dr. Robert Gumbiner, who collected paintings from artists a around the world and displayed in this museum. I saw most of paintings come from 20th century. I saw the painting of Tania Bruguera and the one of Belkis Ayon. They were both from Cuba. The painting of Bruguera was brown and grey ink drawing with washes on woven-screen paper. The character in the painting was very simple with just a simple line and ink spreading the painting. On the other hand, Ayon worked in collography. Her painting used paper, cardboard or masonite with ink supplies spreading over the surface of the painting. The character in her painting was clearer than Bruguera’s. People can see clear details and their face emotion on the painting, although it just had black and white. At the museum, I also saw a lot of interesting painting and took some selfie pixes with awesome paintings.


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