Artist of the Week – Janet Cardiff

Janet Cardiff is known as a Canadian artist who works chiefly with sound and sound installations; especially a form she calls audio walks. She collaborates with her husband and her wonderful partner, George Bures Miller. They have launched may famous works together and their works are known very well among audience. She is not called as a sound artist, but she is just an artist who works with sound media and makes sound from recording singer’s voice and then plays at the same time. I see the video clip “Janet Cardiff’s: The Forty Part Motet” in the Internet to search more information about audio works. People will go to a small room with a lot of speakers arranged in the oval shape, sit in the bench in the middle of the oval and feel the sound coming out from the speakers. Janet and her partner, Miller, recorded the voice of 40 singers. They recorded individually and then Janet displays their voice together through the speakers. People will feel the singers’ breathe and their voice when speaking or singing. Audiences also feel their voice roll as waves. If they stand near the speakers, they will realize a lot of miracle things behind the speakers with the singers’ voice. This art is quite strange to me because this is the first time I have heard and known about this art. I can expand my mind and knowledge about the art. It is not only drawing or painting, but also making sound. It is so interesting for art industry. janet-cardiff-forty-part-motet


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