Landscape with a Corpse

I do not know “corpse” mean, but when I see the instruction for the activity, I am quite surprised because this is the first time I have taken this kind of photograph. I also never imagine my image of my death and I do not want to know it. I think it is so weird to think of it. However, I still have fun with that activity. Last Tuesday, I went around Long Beach with my friend. We spent a lot of fun time together and knew some interesting place. We went to Naples. It was so beautiful and we saw a lot of people living here spend their time together to have fun with water sports. Nonetheless, I saw a place that I want to see when I almost die. So, I told my friend to take this photo for me. I know it is very simple, but I think when I die, I will wear casual clothes and go to place when living I want to go this place again. It is still so far to think of it, but I want to do that. Just sitting like normal people, wearing casual clothes and watching the landscape that impresses me a lot and give me a happy memory about it. So, I want to smile and get sunshine the last time when I almost die at the place I love the most.image



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