Social Photography: Instagram

Instagram is not a strange application among young generation. It appeared around 4 years when a few people knew Instagram. Now, it expands like bomb among people. I think people know Instagram belong to Facebook. It is a place for people to post their photos or video clips from themselves or from funny sources. People can share to everybody around the world or to people whom we have not known before by using hashtag (#). It is extremely easy to use because it has an icon for the purpose people use. For example, for posting photo, people just need to push the “camera” in the screen, upload the photo people choose and share the photo with any hashtag they add. Hashtag (#) is a function for people to connect with other people whom they want to share or show to them. Hashtag also creates a group for people to know the other pictures beside their own one. People just need to press #words to show to other people know their photos. It is very convenient for people to make friends to expand the relationship. Like our class, with the hashtag #art110su16, I can see a lot of beautiful pictures and know a lot of landscapes which I never know. Furthermore, Instagram also helps people change filter they want to make photos more attractive than the original one. Some people like the black, so they use the black filter to make pictures more unique. With caption and tag people, Instagram users can express their feeling or write funny sentences to public and share the photos directly to people who want to share with. Personally, I think Instagram is more private than Facebook because Facebook is so wide, but Instagram can limit the people who see your personal page. However, Facebook and Instagram are useful places for people to upload their photos to everybody.

New design of Instagram

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