Sketching is not a strange topic for many people who follow the art area. Clearly, artists need to sketch every artwork before they add detail and color to the pictures. On Thursday, I spent my time on sketching the view in the Japanese Garden at CSULB school. I also met some good friends who also sketched their pictures. A girl sketched the view very well and she told that drawing was her passion, although she studied business in school. I had a lot of fun with them, although the weather was quite hot. There are my photos and sketches:

We can see this photo have a small water fall covered by trees with green and red leaves. It also has sunshine through foliage into the water.
The view of one of parts of Japanese Garden with the main subject, trees. It also has a small lake with a lot of duckweed on the surface of the lake.
This is another part of Japanese Garden. It has a lot of trees covering the small lake and the rest stop for visitors. Nearest, It has gravel beach which makes more color for the photo.
This is photo which I focus on the flying leave, the blur one. I took when the wind blew the leave. It is quite abstract.
The gravel beach.
The surface of the bench where visitors sit to avoid the sunshine.
The sketch for the gravel beach.
The sketch for the flying leaves.
The sketch for the surface of the bench
The drawing of the view of the small part of Japanese Garden with tree and flowers running along the lake.
The drawing of the small land in the middle of the lake.
The drawing of the bridge crossing separated the small water fall and the lake

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