Artist of the Week – Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman was known as an American photographer with black and white photos and self-portrayed photos. She had a lot of well-known photos with image of nude or blurred women. She often used her nude body or females’ body to make a wonderful photos. However, she passed away when she was at very young, 22, the beautiful and passive age for every people, especially females. Now, we ignore the regrets about her death and focus on Woodman’s artworks. A lot of Woodman’s works are known by many people because of her unique photos. Through her works, we felt her hopelessness and depression about her life or her work. Particularly, in my opinion, black and white photos often show the artists’ feeling. The artists want to display the detail of the model or the emotion in their face through camera. Woodman often used the medium format camera producing 2-1/4 by 2-1/4 inch square negatives. We would see her work through the image of the male gaze, her nude body as a sort of animal carcass, the confines of the home, crouching behind a fireplace, hiding behind crumbling wallpaper or eating curtains. After I search information about her, I know when we photograph, it is not difficult to catch the priceless moments of the main subject we want to shoot. Sometimes, we will not satisfy the moment we shoot, but behind that moment, we will realize the valuable meaning of the photos through eyes, face and emotion of the main subject. Through photos, we will realize the feeling of the artists in the photos.


Photo of Francesca Woodman. Francesca Woodman, Space, Providence. Rhode Island, 1976




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