Graffiti Writing

This week’s activity is so much fun because it is the first time I have drawn graffiti. I know a lot about graffiti, but never try before. I collaborate between going to the Venice beach with my family and drawing graffiti with our class. This is an exciting experience in my life. When I arrived in Venice Beach Legal Graffiti Walls, I was so surprised because it was a small graffiti world for many people to create their artwork. A lot of beautiful graffiti drawing appeared in front of my eyes, so beautiful. People can spend many times on completing the whole graffiti. Graffiti drawing requires meticulousness and skillfulness of the artists from a small detail to a big detail. Wall is the paper for them to draw it. I also drew my name on the wall by graffiti. It is fun, but I do not like the smell of spray paint because I have an allergy to that smell. Also, I made some new friends who also was the first time on drawing graffiti like me. There are a lot of styles of letters that people can use it such as bubble letters. Thanks to graffiti, I can create my artwork freely and can draw on the wall, not focus on drawing on the paper and pencil. People just need to hold the spray paint and move their hand, after that they have their own artwork with just light activity on the wall. Just try it and you will see the interest behind it. IMG_0267


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