Artist of the Week – “Bomb It Graffiti”

colorful-street-graffiti-wallpaper1366x76862795Graffiti is not a strange topic for street artists in many years. It attracts a lot of artists in many countries with just spray paints in many colors like black, blue, white and so on. It does not need pencil, pen or paper because wall is the paper for artists to create their artwork. After I saw “Bomb It Graffiti”, I know more information about graffiti and know the difficulties of the artists when drawing graffiti. Graffiti appears in many countries like New York, Philadelphia, Amsterdam and many Asian countries also affected by graffiti. In the past, some countries did not allow people to draw in the wall because they think it will make the wall in the public places be dirty. However, some states in America are open-minded for artists to draw on the wall. After that, some artworks become famous among the world. The artists are also famous, too. About the artworks. it is either hard or easy to read the style of letters that the artists use because graffiti has a various style of letters like bubble letters or sharpen letters. Graffiti is free for people to create because it does not really need to focus on the framework that people institute like other kinds of art. Artists can create their artwork freely or they can collaborate with other artists into a small or big group to have a wonderful artwork. Now, younger generation are interested in graffiti a lot and some youngster are also famous among graffiti world with their artworks. Graffiti is not hard to learn because it depends on people’s creation. Just hold the spray paint, move your hand and have an artwork after that.


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