Automatic Drawing

This is the first time I have seen a strange topic, but it impresses me a lot in my thinking of drawing. When I drew, I always followed the topic that my teacher gave me and did not close the eyes like automatic drawing. The process to draw automatically is so funny. Today, my friend and I drew together and laughed so hard because when I told her to drew with me, she thought it was so crazy. This is also the first time she has drawn and she told me that this action was so weird and my class was so complicated. I also laughed so hard because of closing my eyes when drawing. It is different from other styles of drawing. When automatic drawing, people do not know what they draw and what work they have when they finish. When we finish drawing, I see my picture not be normal like a picture following the topic. However, if we see clearly, it is also a meaningful picture when we color it. At first, I think that is an abstract picture because it just has lines. Sometimes, I think it is the same as the picture without topic when I draw in free time. After experiencing the automatic drawing, I realize that when I draw, I need to have peace in my mind. Do not put stress in the picture. Drawing picture in freestyle is more excited than in framework. Do not focus a lot on details when we draw the picture.IMG_0144


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