Artist of the Week – Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta was a performance artist, sculptor, painter and video artist who was known for her “earth-body” artwork (Wikipedia). She focused on using her own body to create works. Mendieta’s artworks focused on feminism, violence, death, life, and belonging. Her works was collaborated with nature like flower, grass or ground. She used earth along with her full body covered by flowers, rocks, or blood to paint or make a video to convey message to public about “the immediacy of life and the eternity of nature”. People would realize that her works also focused on feminism. Because Mendieta was a woman who lived in difficult situation, so she was empathetic with the life of women. They were violated or harmed by men. They was not respected by men. Therefore, she wanted to use women’s body, her own body, along with nature to highlight the purity of women in the world. Women’s body was as pure as nature. No one could damage or harm them. Through Mendieta’s work, I learn that art can from many aspects like life, public issues or nature. We can use all of things around our life like our body or just some parts of body to have inspiration to create a beautiful and meaning artwork.93.220_01_d02 Ana Mendieta’s artwork

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