Plaster Casting

Plaster Casting is an art that when people see, they think it will be hard because they think how people can create the artwork. However, it is not difficult for people to make it. I am not a person who directly creates the plaster by myself, but throughout the video on, I know what plaster is because I am not sure that I made it before. I think I used to create the plaster through the instructor when I traveled, but it happened long time ago. Or, I see the house builder fix my house by using plaster. Firstly, people arrange the model in the mold based on the shape they like such as square or rectangle or . After that, they mix plaster and water, put the liquid on the surface of the model they want to make, heat it and put the product in the dry place for one or two days to dry the surface, complete the artwork. The builder also put two and three days for the plaster dry. I do not have photos or videos to post because these days I had a personal problem. Nonetheless, I used to create the plaster. I created my and my mother hand by using plaster. Personally, the plaster people can make every shapes that they like. It is quite easy to make at home. People can buy material to make it based on their interest. It is also a good experience. I am regretful that I can not make by myself because of my personal problem. I think this activities can help me develop my patience because after each product, it will need time to complete the product perfectly. We can not in hurry because it will destroy our effort into the product. Nevertheless, I used to experience once time in my life.


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